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After the famous Lover Buzz SS, Molix realizes, in collaboration with Mike Iaconelli, the Lover Buzz SS Junior. Compared to the first, the body and the lip appear greatly reduced to obtain an inline buzz  to be used with a light equipment, for an approach  less invasive than a traditional buzz bait. Its vibrations on the surface, more discreet, the special “Squeaky” noise, and its compact size can stimulate the attack of apathetic and mistrustful fishes. It is effective in spots with high fishing pressure.

 Weight: 1/4 oz


#18 Bogolu Dace: This color was modeled from the small minnow, chub, and dace forage species that bass love to eat! The skirt and head colors enhance the blade flash and vibration and cause the fish to react! This is a really versatile color that really shines in clearer water and stream and river situations!

#20 Purple Sinsay: This color was taken from the fact that most bait fish forage species have a white and purple sheen to their coloration. Shad, Alewife, Herring, White Perch, Crappie, White Bass and many other types of forage have these same color attributes. This color is also an amazing color in rivers and tidal water!

#22 Neon Charmer: This loud color spinnerbaits has been one of my favorite colors for many years! It has several applications. First, for extremely aggressive fish and spices like smallmouth or spotted bass, the bright Chartreuse blades act as a aggravator and trigger an impulse strike; especially when retrieved very fast! The skirt color and flat mat finish head, make it a perfect match for many perch and panfish forage species that have a lot of Chartreuse and pale orange coloration. Finally, like Mud Vein, it’s also an amazing dirty water color and helps the bass track down the bait.