Molix TRAGO VIB 1/2oz.

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The Trago Vib is a “metal concept lure ” excellent for vertical presentations or fast retrieves, made possible thanks to the excellent balance and irregular wobbling action during the fall. The special paint finished through the “electro-painting” process ensures maximum strength and durability even under extreme fishing use, both freshwater and saltwater, a territory yet to be explored for this category of baits. The double hooks offer a wider opening angle so as to allow ready and safe hook ups. During our tests the Trago Vib, during winter and autumn, was effective with slow vertical presentations while it is recommended a faster retrieve in the warmer months when predators are active. We understand that this little deadly bait have come in its own right among the favorite of many spinners that currently do not seem to have found its limit. Works with black bass, pike, asps, chubs, perch, sea bass, sea bream, wels catfish (yes, you red it right) and other predators both in fresh and salt waters.


Length: 2-1/8"in
  Weight: 1/2oz